Community Development Initiative

Community Development Initiative

Infrastructure works:

MUNPL has been trying to enhance the quality of life of the PAPs by improving the infrastructure of the region where the plant is located. The activities include building roads, community centers, classrooms, providing solar lights etc. Details of major activities taken up are as under:

 Internal Cement Concrete Roads & Interlocking roads construction in 09 Project Affected Villages – Approx Length 13 kms

 Community centers have been constructed in over five (05) project affected villages benefitting thousands of villagers.

 Check dams have been constructed at 03 villages nearby the plant to store water from the natural flowing streams.

 More than 160 Solar lights have been installed in the nearby project affected villages.


 Distribution of School bags and stationary items in the government schools of the project affected villages.

 Felicitation of meritorious students from time to time.

 Distribution of table and benches to the schools

 Conducting motivational talks from time to time to create awareness and generating enthusiasm amongst the girl children.

Health and Sanitation :

 Organized free of cost medical camps for all the project affected villages.

 Eye checkup camps for the girl students of the nearby schools.

 Conducted Menstrual awareness camps at the nearby schools.

 Distribution of Sanitary kit to the girl students.

 Installation of Sanitary napkin vending machines at the govt. Schools of the associated villages.

Drinking Water :

 Construction of tube wells and more than 100 nos. of handpumps are installed at the nearby project affected villages.

 Construction & installation of solar powered RO water systems at the Primary schools of the nearby project affected villages to provide safe and clean drinking water. This facility has been provided to over 07 primary schools.

 Overhead water tanks for ensuring availability of water.

Capacity Building :

It is necessary to empower the people living nearby the plant to promote economic development. MUNPL has been continuously engaging with different stakeholders to facilitate training programs for the PAPs

 Skill development workshops on mobile-repairing, assembly of CFL & LED lighting, solar electrical system, etc. to provide livelihood opportunities for the village youth.

 Ongoing skill development workshops on Automobile repairing (Two-wheeler) and Plumbing.

Welfare Activities :

 Distribution of blankets to PAPs during the harsh winter season.

 Supporting Rural Sports to promote a feeling of sportsmanship.

 Distribution of Bicycles to the beneficiaries under Girl empowerment mission (GEM) and Abhilasha Scheme.

 For the specially abled people of the PAP villages:

 Distribution of Tricycles

 Distribution of Artificial limbs in coordination with Artificial Manufacturing limbs Corporation of India (ALIMCO).

 Distribution of Aids and assistive devices.